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Our Story

SanVentura means "the pure adventure" or "the sacred adventure" and was founded with the vision of giving people unforgettable moments of joy and pleasure. We ourselves love traveling, exploring and discovering new places. We love Italy, its history and culture. But also the nature, the sea and the lifestyle.  We have been working in the field of entertainment and events for over 30 years. Our team of talented and passionate professionals in the field of events, music, marketing and tourism is fascinated by the beauties of the country. Our profession is adventurer. That is why we consider it an art to create unique experiences and make guests marvel. 


Meet our MusikWalk adventurer


Clemens Maria Haas


"I am a German composer and musician and have lived in Italy for many years out of love for the country. I studied music in Paris and Hamburg and have performed on many rock, pop and classical stages and on TV. 


My greatest Hit is my song "Katharine, Katharine"


I speak German, English or Italian"